Diy home security

Keep you and your family safe

Outlined here is information to help you in your diy home security efforts. Home security needs to be multi-layered to be effective, it is no good having a very expensive security system installed if ground floor windows are left unlocked, or if expensive possessions are left within easy viewing of the windows. It is important to follow Basic security tips, before implementing the following:

  1. Strong locks - strong locks are essential to keeping out burglar, this includes locks on all windows.
  2. Intercom system - having an intercom systems means that you do not have to open the Dorr to anyone.
  3. External motion detector lights - adding these to your house will mean that the cover of darkness is no longer available for a would be thief to hide in and gain entry to your property
  4. Security alarm system - this provides a last line of defense if the burglar has breached your house. One of the most cost effective ways to guard your house is to install a wireless security system.

Outlined below are the major components of a security system:

Control panel

This is the central station where the security system is controlled from. It should be located somewhere convenient as it controls all parts of the security system

Sensors & transmitters

The sensors will detect the changes in the environment, and the transmitter will send this to the control panel which contains the receiver. Generally sensors will be placed on the windows or the doors, or in the case of motion detectors, near the door.

Central monitoring receiver

These will only be present with a system which calls up to an external security service. It is hooked up to the telephone line.


The siren is one of the major deterrents as well as alerting neighbors that there is an intrusion occurring.

Lamp modules

Security systems can include lamps which automatically turn on and off at pre-determined times, thus making it look like a house is occupied when it is not. This serves as a deterrent to the would be thief.


These can be used instead of going to the control panel. They act as remote controls for the security system, so that it can be operated remotely.

A brief introduction into how to install a wireless security system